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Get your products online with UberZol – there are no sign up or initiation costs, no contracts or cancellation fees, and no need to build your own website from scratch. Our in-house Marketing team will even assist you with your branding concept and logo design (for free).

We’ll provide and support you with all the tech infrastructure, tools and tips you need to safely market your products online.








When you join UberZol, your store is introduced to our 9000+ registered app-users, ready and waiting to shop from sellers like you.
The UberZol marketplace sees 1000+ hits daily from customers right in your neighbourhood.

Offer your existing customers the convenience of in-app purchasing, real-time order-tracking, and live customer support.


Our goal is to help you grow and effectively manage your online business.

We process and analyze anonymized, region-specific, customer demand, and share that trend data right back with you,
so you know the right products to carry in your store.

Access our powerful sales analytics tools to track your orders and monitor your store’s performance.


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