Vendor FAQs

 How does the delivery work?

  • In certain areas, you may to drive your own deliveries, or provide your own driver  (required for stores in areas not serviced by freelance Delivery Agents)
  • In certain areas, uberzol may enforce use of a fleet of freelance Delivery Agents to pickup & deliver your orders
  • All deliveries are managed using the Express Agent delivery app (no third-party courier services may be used)

    Are there any fees?

    • A 35% commission of your sales, which we encourage you to add onto your current selling price 
    • There are no activation charges, no start-up costs, or hidden costs, no contracts or cancellation fees - just some basic packaging requirements.

    How do I get paid?

    • Pay-outs are weekly
    • All orders completed during any period from a Monday to a Sunday will be paid on the following Monday 
    • All payments are effected via EFT


    • uberzol does not trade in product, we provide a platform on which you can market and sell your goods
    • You are responsible for sourcing and handling your own stock and setting your own pricing at all times


    Vendor app for Android here, or for iPhone here.
    Driver app for Android here, or for iPhone here.